Stryker TV

Stryker TV is a Paintball Web Series devoted to all things Mag Fed. With news, reviews, interviews, and coverage on events, it is your one stop shop for everything related to Mag Fed Paintball.

Episode 3 – The Scarab-Milsig Mod

Episode 3 is up!! Sorry about the confusion here, but I actually shot episode two, but there was some out of frame action going on at the end of the video, so I opted not to post it. So, we’re skipping straight to episode three! For those of you who have been wondering what it takes to do the Scarab-Milsig ... Read More »

Episode 01 – A Brief Introduction to Mag Fed Paintball

In our first episode, we discuss some of the markers and gear that are available. We also discuss some of the ways that you can start to work towards transitioning into mag fed play. Here are some links to some of the markers we talk about: Tacamo Conversion Kits: MK5 (A-5) Conversion Kit – Tacamo MKV (98) – ... Read More »