Our Mission

We play mag fed. No hoppers, no ropes from a marker that looks like it came straight out of Star Wars.

The Northwest Strykers are a team of like minded individuals whose aim is to promote mag fed paintball. We use a diverse array weapon systems. From highly modified first gen Milsig’s, to the Carmatech SAR-12, and everything in between.

We feel that playing mag fed adds a whole new element to woodsball and scenerio paintball. Combined with the added range of Tiberius First Strike rounds, we feel that mag fed is the future of woodsball and scenerio paintball.

We are always looking for other like minded players to join our team. If you would like to try mag fed, and see if it’s a style of play that you enjoy, let us know. We’ve got markers we can loan you, so that you can try it out.

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