New Condor Hydro Harness on the way!


Condor FINALLY released the new 242 Hydro back for the MC Series Chest rigs. I’ve already ordered mine in OD, as well as sold my old MCR-4, and have replaced it with the MCR-6, show below. I’ve been eyeing this thing for a while, and am excited to get it.


242_003My one major complaint about traditional chest rigs, is that there’s no way to attach anything on the back, which is fine in the real world, but does not work all that well for paintball. The nice thing about this setup, is that the new hydro harness hooks right in, replacing the standard “X” straps on the back. It provides a place to stash a 2.5L bladder (not included), and has MOLLE webbing on the lower part of the harness. This would be a great place to stash a tank, for those of you who don’t have a 13ci tank in their stock.



I’ll have a review and video of the entire system, once it gets here. Stay tuned!

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